DIY Queen size platform bed

For some time now, i have not had a frame for my mattress. when i moved out of my parents house in late 2008, all i took wa the mattress from my bed, as the box spring was no good. I was happy with it just on the floor. since then I have lived on it in three (four if yo count WI, when Eva used it during my deployment.) different places. Now I am married and we still have it on the floor. until now. nothing is wrong with sleeping on a mattress on the floor. but having a bed to get out of, instead of stand up and walk off of, is nice. A luxury we decided it was time to afford. has ton of platform beds for sale. the come in a box, you bolt em together and voila. a bed. Here is the issue i saw. Price. many of them range in average of about 200 bucks. not too bad as i get free shipping for being a prime member. but its not custom to what I want. I decided for about the same amount of money i could do so much more and build something I would be happy with and appreciate. So, after returning home from Christmas back home, i went to Home Depot to do some window shopping. I own little to no tools at this point, so if i’m going to build a bed, i will need to invest a little more than the cost of materials. I found a Ryobi drill/driver set for an extremely good combo price (only 2 left) so i decided to go with that system vs. my desired Dewalt (which costs much, much more). I had my list of needs so i went through and picked up the materials and tools necessary and in the long run saved a lot of $ than had i just clicked a button and gone with Amazon. Also, for any of my military readers, Home Depot gives military discount. keep in mind, i no little to nothing about carpentry, but dove in head first. i found a site called and elaborated on his plan for a frame. super simple and affordable materials from the store. when you view the photos, you will notice how a small basement like mine is NOT the ideal place for a construction project. I have a lot of mess to clean up now. but it was worth it. It took me an afternoon, plus another few hours of work the next morning and afternoon to finish up. Have a look at the project from start to finish. My first project of this proportion.

maneuvering the wood into the basement was fun

yep, i used a hand saw

i had to buy this drill bit seperate to eat through about 6 inches at once

this is how i driled holes for the end and sides. like my "saw horses"?

after much measuring, marking and drilling, things started taking shape

A unique part of the support on the frame is by using a 2x4 support bracket in the center.

now the mess of cutting the fiber board. dont use this stuff. get actual plywood! i had to get creative on just how to cut it to size using a hand saw.


this was the start to today's portion. Eva was home this-morning so she participated in helping sand down 1x3 strips that needed to be put on the sides for support of the boards as well as wipe the sanded frame down with a wet cloth in prep to paint

after re-assembly in the driveway, i spray painted it a flat black

fiber board is gross. so to keep splintering and shedding down, i coated all edges and corners with the best spray adhesive 3M makes, followed by painting to cover the residue and match colors to the frame

it was a little messy. I needed one of me to share with the post so here.

after Eva went to work and the painting was done, i had to wait for things to dry. Morpheus got lunch on the meantime.

to prevent the bed from sliding around (the bedroom is hardwood floor) i added some non-skid matting to the bottom of each leg.

I got all the pieces and re-assembled (again). this time for good

Made by Jared. N

I anticipate A very happy wife when she returns from work tonight

So there it is. my first major carpentry project.

A bunch of wood, a new drill, a new impact driver, batteries, carpenter square, glue, screws, hardware, clamps, 2 cans of spray paint, a can of adhesive, saw, wrenches, pens, pencils, markers, sand paper, hammer, a crap-ton of cardboard, and a tape measure later I have built us a sweet bed frame.

go to for the instructions. i followed them (for the most part) and added a few twists of my own, like the fiber board fix. hope you enjoyed reading through my adventure in diy carpentry. until next time.


  1. Im really impressed Jared! It looks great!!

    • David
    • February 25th, 2013

    Jared, looks great!, thanks for the step by step pics!

  1. January 30th, 2016
  2. January 31st, 2016

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